Over 1,000 militants killed in military operations

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KABUL (TOLONews): Resolute Support Mission figures show that 1,089 Taliban fighters, including nine commanders, have been killed in Afghan-led operations supported by Coalition airstrikes since 9th November.

Resolute Support Mission figures show that in the less than two recent months, over 440 airstrikes have been carried out in support of Afghan Forces in different parts of Afghanistan.

From the total airstrikes, 392 airstrikes were carried out in November and 150 airstrikes have been carried out in the three weeks of this month, December, in different parts of the country including Helmand and Farah provinces.

According to the Resolute Support Mission, only 450 Taliban fighters have been killed in the three weeks of December in the airstrikes.

Resolute Support Mission said the airstrikes are aimed to support the Afghan security forces against Taliban.

Col. Dave Butler, a spokesman of the US forces in Afghanistan, said the military pressure on Taliban is aimed to set conditions for a political solution.

“What the US and what the Resolute Support nations are concerned about here is stabilizing Afghanistan to the point where the terrorists are not allowed to have safe haven and attack across the world,” said Butler.

Afghanistan Interior Ministry meanwhile said military operations against the enemies have increased recently which have caused fatalities among the militants and every week tens of their commanders are killed across the country.

“Recently, offensive operations on Afghanistan’s enemies have increased by 100 percent in different parts of the country which have had good results. In every week, dozens of commanders of Afghanistan’s enemies are being killed,” said Nusrat Rahimi, deputy spokesman for Ministry of Interior.

This comes as the United Nations has raised concerns over civilian casualties in military operations and airstrikes. The UN has said that increase in the airstrikes rises civilian casualties.

“Airstrikes should be conducted based on intelligence about the enemy’s location and their numbers. Also the issue of civilians should be considered and the strikes should be done after a comprehensive analysis,” said Mirza Mohammad Yarmand, a military affairs analyst.

“The information about the enemy should be accurate. It should not happen in a way that the enemy is in one place and they bomb another place. If they bomb areas wrongly, then people will suffer and the distance between the people and government will increase,” said Aziz Ahmad Wardak, a military affairs analyst.

Taliban has not commented on the US Forces – Afghanistan figures about their airstrikes and their fatalities.

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