Over 1,700 children with cardiac disease treated

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KABUL: The Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) on Monday said in 2018 more than 1,740 children with cardiac disease were treated inside and outside the country by the organization.

According to ARCS, due to the increase of financial support to this organization in 2018, the number of children who recovered from cardiac disease increased by 60 percent, compared to 2017.

ARCS statistics show that more than 6,600 children are suffering from cardiac disease and are waiting for the organization to provide them with treatment opportunities.

According ARCS, so far, 15 percent of these children have died before getting to hospitals for treatment.

“In the first year, we treated 79 patients and last year 1,747 patients. If our hospitals have a higher capacity, then more treatment opportunities will be provided. One and half years ago, there were only four hospitals to treat this kind of disease, but now there are eight,” Nilab Mubarez, secretary of ARCS said.

ARCS statistics show that in the last 10 years over 8,670 children with cardiac disease have been treated inside and outside Afghanistan and over 6,600 others are waiting for treatment. “If the patients who have been treated face any problems after six months or one year, their problems should be identified and they should be retreated,” Salim Baharmand, head of the health section at ARCS said. On Monday the ARCS sent 40 children with cardiac disease to a hospital in Kabul as well as outside the country for treatment.

Somaya who is seven months old was among the children sent for treatment. Her family said when she was born, they discovered something was wrong with her.

“Even before my daughter was born, doctors told me that my wife lacked blood cells and should eat better food and fruit. When my daughter was born, after three days we noticed she had a cardiac disease (hole in the heart) and we began efforts to treat her,” Faiz Mohammad, father of Somaya said.

Nasir Ahmad, 2, is one of the children who was treated with the last group. Ahmad’s father said now he is healthy and can eat food and play like other children.

“He had a fever, his weight was very low and his skin color was not normal. When we went to ARCS, we were on a waiting list. They called us after a year. Now seven months have been passed since my boy’s treatment and he is in good health,” Gul Wazir, Ahmad’s father said.

ARCS officials said they will inaugurate a hospital next year in Kabul, which will have modern equipment and better opportunities to treat cardiac disease inside the country. (TOLOnews)