Over 300 former govt officials, traders returned to country

Kabul (ToloNews): The “Commission for the Return and Communications with Former Afghan Officials and Political Figures” said that over 300 officials of the former government and traders have returned to the country within the past four months.
A spokesman for the commission, Ahmadullah Wasiq, acknowledged that some of the officials who returned to the country have left the country again but said that their leaving was due to personal issues.
There are reports that some of the former government officials, including Dawlat Waziri, the former Defense Ministry spokesman, Amanullah Ghalib, former head of the Breshna Shirkat, and Kamal Nasir Osuli, former member of the parliament, have returned to the country and then left again.
“Hundreds of them have received the forms to return to the country. I don’t think it is necessary to publicize their names before their arrival. We are in contact with them, some of them left the country for treatment or to transfer their families,” Wassiq said. However, some senior former government officials have returned to the country over the past several weeks. “There is a need for more work to be done. It (Islamic Emirate) should make contact with more people and ask for cooperation from other people, other tribes in the country, thus a reconciliation path will be laid,” said Amanullah Hotaki, a political analyst.
“Some certain people returned but some others have not returned and the actions of the commission have not been very noticeable in the country.
There was no representative and no plan or roadmap of how the individuals can return,” said Rahamatullah Bizhanpor, a political analyst. According to Wassiq, the cases of the former government will be addressed based on the procedures of the commission and if they are accused of corruption by the former government they will be granted amnesty based on the decree of the
supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate.