Over 40 ANDSF killed in past 2 days: local officials

ZABUL (TOLO News): Over 40 ANDSF members were killed and dozens more wounded as a result of recent attacks by the Taliban in Zabul, Kapisa and Baghlan provinces in the past two days, according to local officials.

According to Kapisa police headquarters, four members of the local police and public uprising forces were killed in a Taliban attack in Nijrab district on Friday evening.

But MPs from Kapisa have said that ten local police personnel were killed in the attack.

Kapisa lawmakers also said that Ilyas, a former mujahideen leader, was killed in the attack by the Taliban in Nejrab. But the government has rejected these figures.

“Neither the crisis response unit nor anyone else came to our aid,” said Sayed Mohammad, a member of the local police in Kapisa.

“Our youth are being killed, but no organ is there to rescue them to treat their wounds,” said Mohammad Qaseem, a relative of one of the victims in Kapisa.

“It was dark at night and there was heavy rain, but the security forces arrived to the scene very soon, three Taliban fighters were killed in the battle, four members of the local police force were martyred and one other was wounded,” said Shaqayeq Shoresh, a spokesman for Kapisa police.

Meanwhile, local officials in the northern province of Baghlan said that at least two local police were killed by the Taliban on Friday night after the insurgents attacked their checkpoint.

This comes a day after at least 17 members of the Afghan army and the Afghan police were killed in an assault on a checkpoint that involved policemen on the inside working with the attackers, according to the Ministry of Defense (Local officials claimed 20-25 were killed).

“Those officers who remained alive fought bravely till the morning. Unfortunately, no reinforcements were sent to them, neither by the army, police nor Zabul leadership,” said Mohammad Omari, member of the Zabul provincial council.

“The Taliban have suffered casualties in Kunduz, Baghlan, Faryab, Jawzjan and Balkh provinces,” said Fawad Aman, deputy spokesman to the Ministry of Defense.

Afghan government leaders and the US embassy in Kabul and NATO’s representative in Afghanistan condemned the attack.

“We strongly condemn Friday’s attack in Zabul & offer our condolences to the brave ANDSF and their families. Afghan security forces honor Afghanistan by their dedication and service. In the midst of a global pandemic and on Nowruz, attacks like these are obscene. Time for peace is now,” the US embassy in Kabul tweeted.

“I condemn the savage Taliban attack on the Afghan security forces in Zabul. What kind of people can order and do this to fellow Afghans on the day of Nowruz, in the midst of a global pandemic and after professing commitment to peace? Shameful,” tweeted Nicolas Kay, NATO Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan.