Over 50% of students at Herat university are girls

KABUL (Tolo News): Young women make up more than 50% of students at Herat University in the western province of Herat, with 5,500 enrolled in 71 different departments, according to data provided by the university. Herat University has at least 11,000 students.

Also, 56 percent of the applicants for the university entrance exam this year in Herat were girls. Ozra Aziz, who recently graduated with a master’s degree, says she has finished high school and university in Herat and now wants to pursue a doctorate as well. “Today’s Afghanistan is not like the past. Today, women can achieve their dreams. The biggest dream for women is to become educated,” Ozra said.

Ozra, who is a journalism student from Herat University, said she is now a lecturer at the university and is hopeful for a brighter future for Afghanistan. “Women can improve if conditions if they fight for them.

The conditions are there. Women cannot lose these opportunities and go back decades,” she said. Herat university has 5,500 girls who are studying in 71 departments. Figures show that the number of girls is more than boys in the university.

“Women have an active presence in our master’s programs. 53 out of 213 women applicants found their way to a master’s degree in this year’s exam. Interest in education among Herat girls has increased compared to past years,” said Abdullah Fayiz, head of the university. The students said they go to the university every day with the hope of a better future for the country.

“Women make up half of society. They can go out of the home and work and be educated, same as men,” said Zahra Rahmani, a journalism student. “Women can never be calm when their rights are violated. All women and girls in Afghanistan want to be educated and want to work and support each other,” said Elenaz Mohammadi, a journalism student at Herat University. Figures provided by Herat University indicate that girls score higher in all subjects than boys.