Pak has potential to make $1b furniture export: PFC

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ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) Mian Kashif Ashfaq Thursday claimed that Pakistan has the potential to export $1 billion top world class wooden furniture annually if government patronize this industry with a cushion of incentives.
Talking to a delegation of university students led by Syeda Briha Batool here Thursday, he said if the government declare furniture sector as an industry and offer an excellent package of incentives, the industry will boom in the days to come as export of Pak made furniture is increasing gradually with sharp upward trend showing better prospects in future.
He said PFC including Chenone will welcome Turkish investors for joint ventures in furniture sector by setting up factories at special economic zone offering a host of lucrative incentives to all foreign investors including tax holiday.
He said if Turkey can export $4.3 billion last year why not Pakistan and suggested the government to create more organised industrial zones with trained staff to meet the targets of the sector.
Mian Kashif said foreign buyers have evinced keen interest in hand engraved furniture and showed willingness to visit Pakistan to mature the deals after thorough physical inspections of the factories.
He said PFC is participating in all international expos to showcase Pak products and explore new export markets besides attracting  foreign investments and fair provide an opportunity to present a world class Pak made furniture products and all other allied services.
He said it is platform for import and export, mainly with various and flexible pattern of trade.
Recalling old sweet memories, Mian Kashif said once Pakistan used to export handmade furniture to Australia, France and many other countries in the past and now Pakistan Furniture Council (PFC) is endeavoring to capture our lost share in the global markets.
He said Pak furniture industry is now actively exploring broader foreign markets and some of them are switching over to e-Commerce to tap bigger markets.
He said with the help of e-Commerce, the whole world is boosting its business and exports and the exchange of information through e-Commerce has also surfaced as key tool for promoting of international and domestic trade.
He said on the other hand, our handmade furniture also vividly depicts Pak rich culture and century old expertise.