Pak-Russia alliance against terrorism

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The ninth round of bilateral meeting of the Russia-Pakistan Working Group on Countering International Terrorism and other Security Challenges held in Moscow on Monday during which the Moscow and Islamabad agreed to further expand cooperation in countering transnational terrorism and various security challenges in the region and beyond. During the dialogues, the two sides exchanged assessments of global and regional terrorist threats particularly in Afghanistan, the MENA region, Central and South Asia. An agreement was concluded for expansion of cooperation between the Russian and Pakistan on countering international terrorism. Both sides reaffirmed their commitments to combat the spread of terrorist propaganda in the information space, in particular on the Internet, as well as the phenomenon of foreign terrorists and militants.

Pakistan Russia bilateral relations remained quite nominal during the 20th century because both Pakistan and Russia were apprehensive of their relations with the United States and India respectively, however, after US’s marriage with India in the beginning of 21st century both nations came closer and forged strong bilateral bonds and strategic partnership between them. Pakistan Russia bilateral trade and economic relations, defense, and Security cooperation particularly cooperation in counter terrorism domain had increased significantly during recent years. Pakistan had acquired MI-35 gunship helicopters and other military hardware from Russia during 2014. The relationship of the two nations had strengthened with Pakistan inclusion in Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in 2017. Presently, Pakistan and Russia are regularly holding bilateral training exercise “Friendship” and counter terrorism training drill “Druzbha” on annual basis. Pakistan’s military troops had participated in a multilateral Counter terrorism military exercise “Peace Mission 2021” under the SCO’s Platform in Russia in September 2021. Pakistan is also an active member of Regional Anti-Terrorists Structure (RATS), which provides a platform for sharing intelligence regarding terrorist activities and cross border drug crimes among SCO member states. In fact, Pakistan-Russia relations are at an early stage and there is a lot of potential to enhance their bilateral cooperation in all spheres.

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