Pak-Russia strategic partnership

In the multi-polar world Islamabad and Moscow has agreed to upgrade bilateral ties to the level of strategic partnership during a meeting between Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Quershi and Russian ambassador Alexy Decov. The two sides agreed to improve cooperation in the field of defense production. Relations between Pakistan and Russia have increased significantly during the last few years with a focus on bilateral defense cooperation. Discussions were also held to improve bilateral trade, investment and energy.

In the mainstay of Pakistan Air Force JF-17 Thunder fighter, Russian engine RD-93 is installed. The fighter plan was initially manufactured with the technical and equipment assistance of China. Pakistan can explore the avenues of technology transfer from Russia in the production of fighter aircrafts and its avionics. Closer cooperation in the technology transfer of main battle tanks and long range artillery guns can also be obtained.

In the field of energy projects, Russian investment and technical expertise would of immense importance in accelerating the implementation of exploration and production ventures of oil and gas in the blocks of proven reserves. Likewise, Russia can invest in the environment friendly hydel, wind, solar and wind-solar hybrid projects. Greater access to the Russian market can help Pakistan in increasing exports.

Moscow is now actively involved in bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan in consultation with other countries of the region. Recently, second international peace conference was hosted by Moscow. Pak-Russia strategic partnership will give impetus to the diplomatic efforts for political settlement of ongoing Afghan war.


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