Pak-USA relations

Since the creation of Pakistan, USA remained on of the closest allies of Pakistan. Being a new born state, America had supported Pakistan since 1947. Pakistan had signed dozens of agreements with USA. America had given military and financial aid to Pakistan over the time, but in return, America had demanded. In past, America had sought Pakis-tan’s help to defeat Russia in Afghanistan. After 9/11, USA want to cooperate in Afghanistan against terrorist organizations including Al-Qaeda and taliban etc. Due to the military intervention of NATO troops to Afghanistan, led by America, Pakistan had paid heavy price in terms of material, infrastructure and human lives. Pakistan had lost more than 70,000 precious lives and more than 120 million dollars to economy.

In past, during 1965 and 1971 wars, history shows that USA had supported and backed India with arms. Am-erica had supplied ammunition to India and helped them during both Pak-Indo wars.

America, in return of assistance to Pakistan, intervenes in the internal affairs of Paki-stan. USA had tried to direct Pakistan in formulating policies pertaining to gulf countries i-e Yemen and Syria.

It is always the supreme priority of USA to pressurize Pakistan over Pak-Iran relations. America had always showed her displeasure and reservations over Pak-Iran agreements. The suspension and incompletion of Iran-Pakistan pipeline project is also due to America’s displeasure.

Kashmir is the bone of contention between Pakistan and India. USA did not try with open mind to solve the most burning issue of Kash-mir. America had to play a constructive role of mediation but for India’s pleasure USA could not do so.

Despite UN resolution, America does not support Pakistan’s stance of Pale-stine’s self-freedom. Contrary to Palestine and Pakistan’s sentiments, USA favors Isra-el’s line and defend the atrocities of Israel directly and indirectly.

In short, America is not sincere with Pakistan and always tried to use Pakistan for their own interests and benefits. Along with extending assistance to Pakistan, USA demanded of “Do More” and always castigate Pakistan. Irresponsible statements of American’s officia-ls especially newly elected trump have defamed Pakis-tan. These statements had created a vacuum between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Being an atomic power, Pakistan should not rely only on single country which also blame, defame and warn Pakistan. Pakistan ought to get rid of America and join Russia and China camp for defense and military partnership. China already have friendly and cordial relations with Pakistan and Russia is ready to extend her military support to Pakistan.

Besides these, Pakistan ought to build friendly relation with Iran and Turkey. Addition to this, Pakistan should play its crucial and constructive role to settle the sectarianism-oriented issues between Iran and Saudi Arabia and win their hearts.

Hanif Ullah