Pakhtoon students, Civil society and lawyer protest outside NPC

Tariq Ullah Wardak

ISLAMABAD: Pakhtoon students of deferent universities of Islamabad, Civil society and lawyer protest outside National Press Club (NPC) Islamabad in the favor of Pakhtoon Tahafuz Moment (PTM) which is in peak entire country.

Lashing out at relevant authorities in Balochistan for registering cases, the students, civil society and members of Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM)  asked authorities to withdraw the First Information Reports (FIR) which is lodged against founders of PTM in the different cities, Qila Saifullah, Quetta and Swat. In this regard, a protest demonstration of PTM members, students, lawyers and civil society activists against the discrimination of state stakeholders authorities.

Protestors carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans in favor of their demands and criticized the authorities concerned for injustice and rude behavior with PTM founders.

Leading the protest demonstration, Khpalwak Kakar, Chairman Pukhtoon Students Council (PSC),  Jahanzeb Wazir of Quaid Azam University, Nadeem Sarwar Punjab President Pakhtoon Student Federation (PSF), Taj Wazir, Asad Ullah Khan and Abdur Raheem Wazir Advocates High Court, the organizers said, that peaceful assembly and freedom of expression are secured by constitution of Pakistan and these are fundamental rights of the citizens.

UN declarations on fundamental rights are being violated, state should think on such issues seriously “In the light of constitution, it is their right to hold peaceful demonstrations and public meetings across the country

for their fair and legal rights” they clarified.

Whenever they are protesting for their rights then some elements is labeling them with traitors which are a matter of great concern, they regretted. Unfortunately baseless FIRs were lodged against organizers of movement and terrorism clauses were also included in it.

About the public gatherings, they clearly said they had organized activities in line with rules and regulations and even did not breach the law anymore. Neither any untoward incident has taken place nor the law has been broken anymore then why FIR’s were registered against PTM organizers, this is a question mark for stake


Protestors demanded of the central government to review its polices pertaining to Pakhtoon community and withdrawn FIR’s lodged against PTM organizers forthwith.

They are further said that after sit-in in Islamabad staged by PTM for early arrest of alleged Rao Anwar former SSP Maliar for his alleged involvement in killing of Naqebullah Mehsud, 27, of South Waziristan in the fake encounter in Karachi, after that Supreme Court (SC) were took Suo Moto action issued notice to concerned authorities for arresting the absconder Rao Anwer, unfortunately police are still silent why?, recently Rao Anwer dispatched two letters to Supreme Court (SC) for unfreeze their bank accounts “Where is he from where he sent their letters asked the PTM leaders” the protester demand for arresting of Rao Anwer as soon as possible. Further they said that the movement gained momentum and initiated massive public gatherings across KP and Quetta in Balochistan for rights.

The PTM aimed at fighting for the rights and protection of Pakistan’s ethnic Pakhtoon citizens.