Pakhtuns face great troubles

Pakhtuns face great troubles: Sherpao

F.P. Report
Peshawar: Chairman Qaumi Watan Party Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao called upon the interim care taker government to play its role for the holding of general election in a transparent way. He said that the concern authorities should review the security arrangements for general elections.
He said this during a public meeting at PK-60 Akhun Zafar Baba Shabqadar Charssada, QWP provincial chairman Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao, party candidate Babar Ali Mohmand and others were also addressed on this occasion.
He said that the transparent election would be instrumental in the political stability, as political stability was influential for the country development. He said that the state machinery should not be misused in the election, so as the transparency of the election could be ensured and such an environment should be created that the people should have confidence in the electoral process and all the political parties should accept the election results.
He harshly criticized the PTI leadership for total disservice to the people and for false sloganeering. He said that on one side the PTI leadership highlight that there should not be two Pakistan and there should be one Pakistan equally for all the people while on other side they distributed party tickets only among the wealthy people and the poor party workers had been ignored. He said that the real face of PTI leadership had been exposed in front of people and they will reject them in the upcoming election through the power of their vote.
He expressed concern over the infamous new life in the dead horse of Kalabagh Dam, saying that the controversial issue would create problems at the federation.
He said that the provincial assemblies of the smaller provinces has passed resolutions against the controversies of the Kalabagh Dam, therefore this project was abandoned, due to lack national consensus.
He said that the smaller provinces have serious reservations over the controversial project because it was a matter of life and death for them. He said that Kalabagh Dam was detrimental to the stability of the federation because the smaller provinces would now allow its creation at any cost.
He said that the electioneering had been publicized, therefore raising this issue would unnecessarily divides the nation and it would put vital issues on the backburner.
He said that presently the country was facing serious issues and it was the need of the hour to address them. He said that Pakhtuns had been in great troubles and they had been ignored which increased their sense of deprivation.
He continued that pay campaigns to the Kalabagh Dam issue at this stage was aimed at diverting the attention from the real issues, which was not in the interests of Pakhtuns.
He added that it was high time to focus on the Pakhtun’s issues and goodwill. He said that all the political parties and other stakeholders should set together to resolve the water issue in the country.
He said that project like Diya Mir Bashaha Dam and Munda Dam were of vital importance to solve water scarcity and energy problems, therefore the government should work on them.

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