Pakistan Bar Council announces courts boycott

ISLAMABAD (PPI): The Pakistan Bar Council has announced to boycott the courts across the country on Thursday in support of the Supreme Court Practice and Procedure Bill, 2023 and against the hearing against it in the Supreme Court.
The Pakistan Bar Council in a statement said that the decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to set up a unilateral and controversial bench and set the case for urgent hearing before the law regarding the Supreme Court Practice and Procedure Bill, 2023 came into force was rejected as regrettable.
The Pakistan Bar Council termed the move tantamount to splitting the country’s highest court, saying that never in the judicial history of Pakistan has a law made by Parliament been prevented from coming into force. The lawyers’ body made it clear that the parliament has made this legislation in accordance with the resolution passed by the All Pakistan Lawyers Convention held in Lahore on October 12, 2019, and the lawyers community will strongly resist any attempt to prevent its implementation.
The Pakistan Bar Council announced that lawyers across the country will boycott the courts today (Thursday) as a protest against this unfair move. Moreover, the meeting of elected representative leaders of Pakistan Bar Council across the country will be held on 17 April 2023 in Islamabad.