Pakistan being blamed for terrorism despite numerous sacrifices: Khurshid Shah

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Opposition leader Khurshid Shah on Sunday criticised the government on its ‘weak’ foreign policy.

While addressing the media, Shah claimed that Rs1,250 billion has been spent on the war against terrorism. ”Twenty nine thousand soldiers and 60,000 others have embraced martyrdom, yet we remain unable to help the world realise how many sacrifices we have rendered for global peace,” he said.

We are being threatened by the US as well as neighbouring countries, Shah said in an apparent reference to India and Afghanistan.

”A clash between the government and the institutions seems inevitable while weak national institutions lead to a weaker country,” he said. He further criticised the government for an electricity price hike.

The opposition leader said that the government has made no effort to relieve people, instead it has increased the tariff of electricity “in another effort to pull money out of the poor people’s pocket.” ”Democracy has always been sacrificed in Pakistan,” he added.

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