Pakistan demands probe into chemical attacks against Kashmiris: FO

ISLAMABAD (APP): Pakistan has demanded probe into chemical attacks against the Kashmiri protesters. In FO’s weekly press briefing, Foreign Office’s spokesperson said that India’s repeated disregard to let the unbiased independent agencies for investigation and Human rights agencies to enter Kashmir, raises serious concerns because if chemical attacks are proven in Kashmir then it will be the violation of Chemical Weapon convention and International law.

Spokesperson Dr Faisal said that joint military exercises and cooperation was being considered in the first meeting of defense ministers representing various countries of the Islamic military counter terrorism coalition (IMCTC) where Pakistan highlighted its experience and learned strategies to combat terrorism.

Responding to a question regarding Iran, the spokesperson said that Pakistan remains in close contact with the Iranian leadership at all levels. The latest contact was when the Chief of Army Staff visited Iran on 06 November 2017 and had detailed consultations.

Responding to a question regarding Hafiz Saeed’s case, the FO spokesperson informed that Foreign Secretary told the Anti-terrorist court that investigations are halted due to failure of Indian witnesses to record statements in Hafiz Saeed’s case.

“Hafiz Saeed was only in protective custody under Maintenance of Public Order (MPO). We have sought details from M/o Interior which is the line Ministry in the case and will revert as soon as we hear anything”.

On a question regarding 57 Pakistani migrants recovered by Turkish police, the spokesperson responded that their Consulate in Istanbul has informed that the Turkish authorities have recovered 57 Pakistani illegal immigrants from the human traffickers in Istanbul.

The Turkish police have also arrested 3 human traffickers within the same group in this operation. Our Consulate is in touch with the Turkish authorities, who have been requested to properly look after the recovered Pakistanis.

They will be repatriated to Pakistan after completion of formalities. Details of the recovered Pakistanis shall be shared by our Consulate as soon as they are received from the Turkish side.

Responding to a question regarding the unemployment of Pakistani laborers in Saudi Arabia and the expiry of their Iqamas, the spokesperson said that the efforts made by their Missions in Saudi Arabia to facilitate Pakistani laborers are already on record. However, for this particular case, we have requested our Mission for a detailed report, he added.

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