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Pakistan Democratic Movement demands PM’s resignation

Abdullah Momand

ISLAMABAD: The All Parties Conference (APC) in a long day discussion finally agreed on twenty six point’s agenda in which immediate resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan demanded being selected by the powerful establishment of the country through rigging.

The All Parties conference was hosted by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and following deliberate discussion of around 10 hours JUI-F head Maulana Fazl-u-Rehman read out 26 points charter of demands.

The APC formed a 26-point agenda on which all parties agreed that the forum is named Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) an “alliance structure which will lead and guide nationwide protests against the anti-people and anti-nation government in a disciplined and integrated manner. The agenda added that the incumbent selected government has been granted artificial stability by the country’s powerful establishment that has imposed it on the people through rigged elections and the forum demands transparent elections in the country and calls for electoral reforms.

The resolution reads that the JUI-F chief mentioned that the selected government has ruined the common man’s life with record-high inflation, unemployment, and taxes. We demand that the prices of flour, sugar, cooking oil , electricity and gas be immediately reduced for the public. The agenda item mentioned that the imposed selected government’s failed policies, the crumbling economy is posing a serious danger to the country’s atomic power and sovereignty.

The resolution while hitting the conspiracies emerged recently against the 18th amendments and the NFC awards clarified that the 1973 Constitution, the 18th Amendment and the current National Finance Commission (NFC) award are reflection of the nation’s united viewpoint and the alliance will fight till the last drop of blood to guard these from any aggression having no compromise on any of them.

The opposition alliance issued agenda item shows serious concern over the increasing interference of the establishment in political affairs of the country and marked it disastrous to the nation’s stability and institutions”.

The forum also demanded that elections be held again in a transparent manner and that electoral reforms should be passed in order to ensure free and fair polls. The opposition alliance while showing grave concerns of financial embezzlements against the Advisor to Prime Minister on information and broadcasting and CPEC Chair-man Let. Gen. (R) Asim Saleem Bajwa the alliance demand to initiate immediate inquiry and investigation and he should resign from his position till the conclusion of the inquiry.

The alliance clarified the speculations of imposing a presidential system in the country and mentioned that any attempt of imposing a presidential system will be opposed. The resolution mentioned that the selected government is responsible for the fall of Kashmir, alleging that India’s move to annex Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir was made with the incumbent government’s support expressed grave concerns over the complete failure of the government’s policy regarding Afghanistan.

The alliance condemned the false cases based on political revenge against political leaders, and activists, non-implementation of the National Action Plan, and surge in sectarian waves in the country.

The opposition has also called for free and fair elections in Gilgit-Baltistan to be held on time and “without intervention, steps should be taken to include GB within Pakistan’s political parameters and the tribal areas have been made no-go areas, and that the forum demands an end to this.

The united opposition also agreed upon a six-point action plan to depose the incumbent government, which would be implemented in phases. In the first phase that starts in October, opposition parties will hold joint rallies in different cities in all four provinces while in the second phase will begin in December of this year, during which the opposition will hold huge public demonstrations across the country. In January next year, the opposition will set out on a decisive long march towards Islamabad.

The resolution demands from lawyers, traders, far-mers, students, media as well as members of the ci-vil society in its movement. In order to oust the government, opposition parties w-ill use every legal and constitutional option in and out of parliament, which incl-ude moving no-confidence motions and collective resignations from assemblies at an appropriate time.

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