Pakistan enters FIFA World Cup through its football

F.P. Report

LAHORE: FIFA Football World Cup is around the corner and its preparations are going on in full swing. Although the Pakistani Football team is not the part of FIFA World cup, Pakistan will definitely be represented in all the matches because the football used in the World Cup matches, has been manufactured in Sialkot city of Pakistan.

Sialkot is always famous for manufacturing and export of various items such as surgical instruments, musical instruments, and sports goods, especially in the football industry.

Even before the establishment of Pakistan, football made from Sialkot has been used in international competitions and these traditions are still maintained today.

After 2014 and 2018, according to the local factory owners, the football used in the 2022 matches has been made in a Sialkot-based private factory.

The ‘Al- Rihla’ football has been designed keeping in mind the culture of Qatar and therefore it is reflecting the colours of the Qatari flag. Moreover, football played in international matches involves the hard work and experience of Sialkot’s artisans and craftsmen.

The talented people of Sialkot and everyone from Pakistan will be proud of football, which will be the centre of the world’s attention during the World Cup beginning on November 20.