Pakistan flays act of desecration of Holy Quran

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Saturday condemned in the strongest terms the senseless and deeply offensive act of desecration of the Holy Quran in Denmark, by the same Islamophobe who committed a similar act in Sweden a few days ago.

“This repetition of the vile act leaves little doubt in the minds of Muslims around the world that freedom of expression is being blatantly abused to spread religious hatred and incitement to violence,” the Foreign Office Spokesperson said in a press release. Pakistan’s concerns were being conveyed to the authorities in Denmark.

“We urge them to be mindful of the sentiments of the people of Pakistan and Muslims around the world and take steps to prevent such hateful and Islamophobic acts,” it was further added. Pakistan also called into question the legal framework behind which the Islamophobes hide and spread hatred with impunity.

At a time when there was an increasing need for inter-faith harmony and mutual respect for peaceful coexistence, the international community could not turn a blind eye to these hate-mongers.

Pakistan reiterated its considered position that freedom of expression came with responsibilities. “Pakistan also believes that it is the responsibility of the national governments as well as the international community to prevent these racist and Islampohobic acts”, the spokesperson said.