Pakistan Navy, challenges and legacy

Pakistan Navy ship rescued six fishermen in the open sea during a routine patrol in the Arabian Sea. According to the Pakistan Navy media wing, a Pakistan Naval ship received an emergency call from a fishing boat, which was stranded in the rough sea during fishing on Thursday. The Navy ship timely responded to the call reached the stranded boat and fixed its technical fault. Pakistan Navy medical team provided medical aid to the fishermen and helped them resume fishing.

Pakistan Navy is a highly professional, disciplined, and smartly articulated maritime force that is meticulously thwarting a several-time bigger challenger with courage and operational professionalism. Pakistan Navy has always played a commendable role in safeguarding Pakistan’s Sea boundaries and protecting naval/maritime interests in a challenging geostrategic environment and volatile regional security paradigm. This small force is vigorously pursuing its professional goals together with the modernization of its operational fleet, participation in global maritime and security operations, promotion of the blue economy, along with playing an adorable role in the promotion of Pakistan’s fishery sector and maintaining an all-time readiness for rescue and relief operation in the Sea, and coastal areas. Pakistan Navy has always stood up to the expectations of the nation in difficult times such as wars, floods, pandemics, earthquakes,s and other calamities in the past. The young Naval officers and sailors carry out their operational duties in tough weather conditions, amid serious life risks and health hazards in challenging environments in the open sea, coastal and creeks areas.

At the same time, the Pakistan Navy is vigorously working on various initiatives to boost the country’s potential in the field of blue economy which includes arranging maritime security workshops, conferences, visits and briefings to policymakers, engagement with media, intellectuals, civil society, and business community, the formulation of maritime-related curriculum, maritime awareness and publicity campaigns to harness benefits of Blue Economy. Similarly, Pakistan International Maritime Expo and Conference (PIMEC) is a magnificent initiative of the Pakistan Navy, which has gained tremendous appreciation from the relevant quarters inside the country and abroad. Pakistan Navy also controls the Joint Maritime Information Coordination Center (JMICC), a national platform that deals with all maritime-related activities and occurrences in the Pakistan Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), Maritime terrorism, organized crimes, and piracy, manages the response to maritime emergencies and SOS calls, curbs illegal exploitation of Pakistan’s EEZ as well as promotes blue economy in the country.

Pakistan’s maritime territory geo-strategically lies at the helm of global power politics due to its vital sea lines of communication, while the newly constructed China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has become a strategic hotspot in the Indian Ocean region. Currently, the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman have gradually become focal points because of the rapidly changing global geostrategic environment and regional rivalries. Whilst, India’s belligerence and self-professed role as the aspiring hegemon have created significant instability in the South Asian region. New Delhi’s reckless militarization and unrestricted investment to transform itself into a major Naval power had caused real threats to Pakistan’s territorial waters and maritime trade through the Arabian Sea.

Maritime security is an integral part of an overall comprehensive national security. Pakistan Navy has effectively dealt with all Sea-based challenges, effectively accomplished its strategic goals, and promoted a kinetic maritime legacy at the national, regional, and global levels. However, the ongoing nuclearization of the maritime domain, the introduction of Sea-based Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), and increasing traditional threats had caused a great challenge for the Pak Navy that merits the expansion of the Naval fleet, hybrid training of manpower and adoption of an offensive naval doctrine that deter several times bigger Indian Navy from taking any misadventure against a relatively small but powerful adversary. The unresolved Jammu and Kashmir dispute and multiple other issues between India and Pakistan are real hazards to the regional peace while the US-China power competition has caused significant security risks for Islamabad. Although Pakistan Navy faces diverse secuirty and environmental challenges in the contemporary world, the nation has full confidence in the tact and valor of its sea warriors, who always serve their nation 24/7 in war as well as in peace throughout history.