Pakistan Navy ships voyage to Africa: An interstice for diplomatic engagement

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Rabia Nazir

The utter urge of African nations & Pakistan, to un-tap their geo-strategic potential for a finer future has indefinitely led to the beginning of a new era of co-operation amongst the emerging south Asian nation, and a collective populace of around 1.3 Billion people.

The recent pilgrimage of Pakistan Navy’s two forerunners, Pakistan Navy Ships (PNS) ASLAT and MOAWIN to the African coasts of Morocco, Mauritania, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya, is a step in the positive direction. The collaborative efforts of Pakistan with their African counterparts, has witnessed an improvement in bilateral fields of diplomacy, society, economy and defense in an effort to bolster peace and stability in the region and to encourage development.

To further support the willingness of the Pakistani nation, Pakistan Navy orchestrated PNS ASLAT and PNS MOAWIN for friendly port visits and establishment of Medical camps. This has undoubtedly acted as a spear embedded with the true zeal and zest of the Pakistani nation. The establishment of free medical camps has further amplified the reach of this mission and provided a soft access to the hearts and minds of the local populace.

As I write this article, both the crafts of Pakistan Navy are on their way to Cape Town, South Africa from the port of Lagos. The undercurrents of the humongous social impact that this voyage has created can be easily sensed. In the doctrine of Naval Warfare, Naval diplomacy has seen countless benefits on part of the nations who employ it intelligently.

Undoubtedly, Pakistan Navy, being an integral asset of the nation defending its Sea Lines of Communications (SLOCs), truly so, understands the meaning and the impact of this terminology. These visits are also the reflective of extended regional peace initiative taken by the Pakistan Navy which contemplates a vision of different outcome i.e. blue economy, regional integration, and maritime security, anti-piracy operations, alliance beyond oceans, diplomatic landscape, joint navy exercise, technological advancements and promoting peace/stability.

Undoubtedly, Pakistan’s initiated “look Africa” policy is well served in resolving these issues and can be tackled through free and fair consent of both states by analyzing accurate senses present within their countries. However, Pakistan Navy is slightly engaging into bilateral relations through extension of diplomatic missions across Africa.

Pakistan’s delegation visits to Africa are also a great resourcefulness for figurative implication over the Look Africa Policy. Nonetheless, Pakistan efforts in United Nation Peace keeping missions serves safe havens to African state in eradicating terrorist activities by non-state actors. Furthermore, various sectors of both states have to be look more over in exchanging of resources and generating revenue out of it.

The economic, political, cultural, social and strategically importance of                                                                                both states has a great significance which needs to an ultimate source of boosting their relationships. Furthermore, Pakistan was the first country to support Kenya, Zimbabwe and other countries of Africa in Eritrea independence movement during their phase of liberation struggle. In 1994, Pakistan also pledged to put her efforts in attaining apartheid laws and diplomatic mission junctions.

The reasons behind their collaborative effort explain truly their recognition of the African Continent. In contemporary analysis, the security of region has associations towards major plight and that is Kashmir. In this successful voyage by Pakistan Navy to African countries, certain assertions were being spoken for Kashmir humanitarian violation in which Africa can get aware of the atrocities in Kashmir.

Notwithstanding, Pakistan lend a hand towards African freedom, even now Pakistan mission and military exercise are evidence of that Pakistan is a peaceful country and in dire need to give rights to Kashmiri people. However, Africa has been aware to these injustice apprehended to humans.

To conclude, Pakistan Navy voyage has verified to be regional player in promoting peace and stability beyond borders or beyond oceans. These alliance partners are dedicated to be responsible for joint maritime security and in order to support with humanitarian dispute. Hence, it will strengthen Pakistan’s soft image to the international community and naval diplomacy will also be served as a journey towards new futuristic agreements regionally and intra-regionally.

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