Pakistan Naziryati Party will end corrupt and Feudal Politics: Shaheer Sialvi

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Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: Student leader and former President State Youth Parliament, Shaheer Haider Sialvi announced the formation of “Pakistan Naziryati Party” to eliminate the culture of corruption, feudalism, and family politics in the country.
While speaking to a heavily attended news conference in Islamabad on Monday, former President State Youth Parliament and conservative Student leader Shaheer Sialvi announced the launch of his own political party “Pakistan Naziryati Party” to make Pakistan a real welfare state according to the mission of the founders of Pakistan.
The Young Student leader turned Politician said that his party will represent the youths of the nation and would work to implement the ideology of the founders of Pakistan to make Pakistan a real democracy and welfare state when come into power.
Shaheer vowed to end the feudal system, corruption, and family politics from the country. According to Sialvi, he will be the first Chairman of the newly founded Pakistan Naziryati Party (PNP), while other leaders of the party would be elected on merit from different walks of life.
While shedding light on the manifesto of his party, Shaheer said that elimination of, poverty, inequality, and difference between rich and the poor is an important priority of his group, while the eradication of social discrimination, nepotism, and corruption will be another main point the PNP agenda. Chairman PNP claimed that his party will work to provide speedy and absolute justice to the people of the country when come into power. According to Sialvi, a single and unified educational curriculum and provision of free education up to Matric is essential.
While elaborating the educational preferences of his party, Shaheer Sialvi noted that educational curriculums will be in the national language, Urdu while learning one international language including English, Arabic, French, Chinese and German would be mandatory.
While highlighting the Political philosophy of the newly formed Pakistan Naziryati Party (PNP), Shaheer Sialvi was of the view that his party would allocate party tickets to the candidates based on their performance in the election as well educational career. While responding to a media query regarding the implementation of a single and unified curriculum in the country, Shaheer was of the view that when the children of bureaucrats will attend government schools, the standard, and quality of government institutions will increase.
While commenting on the defense and economic plan of his party, Sialvi noted that PNP will give equal importance to defense and economy because no nation can survive without a sustainable economy as well as no economy can flourish without the credible defense shield. While answering another question regarding the rights of minorities in the country, the diehard conservative Sialvi, said that the minorities will have complete freedom to live according to their religion as per the teaching of Islam, however, no one would be allowed to abuse other religions. While commenting on upcoming local bodies elections in the country, Shaheer said that his party will contest upcoming local bodies elections in all provinces with full preparation and strength, while they can form an alliance with like-minded parties.

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