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Pakistan open for results oriented talks with India on all disputes-FO

Written by The Frontier Post

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan always remain open for results oriented talks with India on all disputes including major dispute of Jammu and Kashmir. It was observed by the Spokesperson Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Zahid Hafeez Chaudhry during weekly press briefing in Islamabad on Friday. Mr. Chaudhary said that Pakistan never Sheid away from talks with India and will welcome any third country mediation including United States to help resolve all Disputes including main issue of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that Pakistan thinks whether it is right time for dialogues with India, and is there enabling environment for such activity and most important are the topics of discussion and surely those are the long standing issues and including the main Dispute of Jammu and Kashmir, so it is on the India’s part to create conducive and enabling environment which it had disturbed due to its unilateral actions of August 5, 2019 and later.

While responding to a query regarding overstaying of Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails after completion of their term of imprisonment, Mr. Chaudhary noted that Pakistan has always maintained that the issue of prisoners should be dealt on Humanitarian basis therefore it never overstayed Indian prisoners in it’s prisons after completion of their term of imprisonment.

While commenting on the news of the potential visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Pakistan this year in the wake of SAARC’s conference scheduled to be held in Islamabad, Mr. Chaudhary noted that he doesn’t think that these news are credible.

While responding to a query regarding the postponed visit of Pakistani Parliamentarians to Afghanistan due to security reasons, Mr. Chaudhry did not confirmed the various speculations circulating in social media and said that Pakistan has cordial relationship with Afghanistan and Afghan parties had acknowledged Pakistan’s positive and constructive role in Afghan peace process and the postponed visit is likely to be materialize on later dates. While commenting on scheduled US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Chaudhry said that Afghan peace process had covered significant milestones and entered into an important phase, he observed that the previous developments in the process also didn’t meet the timeline set for them, however, Pakistan maintains that US withdrawal should be an orderly withdrawal so if a vaccume would be created in haste that is likely to be covered up by the terrorist elements in the country.

While commenting on Pakistan Russia relationship, he said that strong relationship with Russia is a key priority of Pakistan’s foreign policy.

Pakistan and Russia both are eager to cooperate in all fields of life including defense, security, Counter terrorism, trade and investment and education. While responding to a query regarding four nations Quad Security dialogues, Mr. Chaudhary noted that Pakistan has always supported every constructive approach instead of the approach aimed at confrontation.

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