Pakistan Post


Pakistan Post was once a pride Government Department for the nation. I have seen twice a day delivery by “Khaki” uniformed postmen. A postcard, probably abandoned today, just in 05 Paisa reached from Kemrai-Karachi to a village on the Torkham Border. A letter reached in “daair Anna” (there were 16 Annas in one Rupee). Being an ordinary I can’t have access to DAWN Office Archive to find my one praising letter published in 1975-76. I posted a local letter from Saddar Post Office Karachi at around 11.30 am. Around 04.00 pm the addressed phoned me he had received the same.

  1. With the first tenure of Benazir, in line with the decline in the public service and deliberately topping of the governance, Pakistan Post also got infected. In order to provide jobs to dear one “Purely Meritted” people started dumping in the Department. To fool the nation slogans were raised the Department will had its own planes and for this a Minister of Post was appointed. The result was exactly what unknown forces wish this country to see. Recently, like PIA, the Department asked for funds from tax payers money to keep continue, under the label of reformation, enjoying the perks.
  2. August 2017 UBL Karachi sent an Airex letter through Pakistan Post. It was just a single page letter. Rs. 1,990 was the postage. Three months the envelope remained lying unattended with the International Mail Karachi and it reached me exactly after 3 months in November 2017. I have thrice approached the Chairperson Pakistan Post, she daman caring to reply.
  3. UBL informed me on 13 April that it had sent me a letter through courier. The Receipt shows it is through some costly courier service from Pakistan Post. The date of posting on the Receipt No. RB075453818PK is not clearly visible. This so called “courier”, as usual, in 10 days has not reached me yet. On checking the Tracking this morning 23 April it is found the Department did not has the date of booking of the article as it is written N/A. This courier remained 5 days within the Department and on 17/4/2018 the International Mail desired to “insert item into bag in ORIGIN country”.
  4. Perhaps it is the reason that since the item has been put in the bag meant to go to OIRGIN country which is Pakistan, hence it is still circulating somewhere there.

Muhammad Javed