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Pakistan rejects Indian media reports

Written by The Frontier Post

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ISLAMABAD:Pakistan Saturday rubbished Indian media reports claiming “seizure of possible radioactive material” by Indian port authorities.

Responding to questions from the press about reports in Indian media claiming “seizure of possible radioactive material” by Indian port authorities on shipping containers of a commercial vessel loaded from Karachi Port, the Spokesperson stated: “We have noted the reports in the Indian media about ‘seizure of possible radioactive material’ by Indian port authorities at the Mundra Port on containers loaded on a Shanghai bound commercial vessel from Karachi Port.

In this regard, the Kar-achi Nuclear Power Plant authorities had informed that these were “EMPTY CONTAINERS” being re-turned to China which were earlier used for the transportation of fuel from C-hina to Karachi for K-2 and K-3 Nuclear Power Plants. Both K-2 and K-3 Nuclear Power Plants and fuel used in these plants were under the IAEA safeguards. The containers were “EMPTY” and the cargo was correctly declared as Non-Hazardous in the shipping documents.

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