Pakistan on right path to bring back int’l cricket: Sethi

F.P. Report

LAHORE: Chairman, Pakistan Cricket Najam Sethi is confident to build on the success of recent cricket events in the country for the resumption of international cricket in Pakistan on permanent basis in years to come.

“We are well on the path to bring back international cricket in Pakistan as a lot of international cricket has been generated in recent two years and we will keep making strides until international cricket fully returns to the country”, he told APP on Sunday.

While analyzing the present cricket scenario in the country, a confident and joyous Najam Sethi said PSL final followed by the successful tour of the World XI and Sri Lankan teams visit to play

lone T20 last year in Lahore and then two play offs of the third edition

of the PSL at Lahore its finale and visit of the West Indies team

to Karachi are the bright indicators that international cricket has eventually returned to Pakistan and now the eyes are set to motivate more international cricket teams to visit Pakistan in hear future.

“The task is quite challenging, the way it was when we started

dreaming of hosting PSL final at Lahore which proved a game changer

as we successfully organized a high profile cricket activity in the

country after a long gap”, he said.

PCB Chief was very candid when asked if he is called ‘the savior

of Pakistan cricket’ as far his hard work, devotion and commitment

are concerned for turning the dream into reality for bringing back international cricket.

“We have done everything for our country’s cricket and to re-established its image of a respected cricket playing nation, what we have achieved in recent two years is a land mark achievement

for Pakistan cricket and i would say these are the confident building measures which will persuade the foreign teams to come and play cricket in Pakistan”, he asserted.

Najam Sethi expressed his delight that after Lahore now Karachi has re-established the status of a safe city to organise international cricket ties.

“The task is not yet over we will be bringing back other major cities in our net for staging matches of the next edition of the PSL and that day is not far when whole of the PSL will be played across the country”, he said adding “The return of international cricket is a gradual process, can not be done overnight or in short span of time, but we have been successful to host the world XI, Sri Lankan team and the West Indies in two recent years which speaks volume of our efforts for resumption of international cricket in the country”.

PCB Chairman is confident to publicize Pakistan’s campaign for bringing back international cricket to Pakistan on the sidelines of the International cricket council’s meeting being held from April 22 at Kolkata.

Najam Sehti will be meeting several officials of the different cricket playing nations to advocate Pakistan’s point of view of having international cricket in the country.

“It is going to be a very productive opportunity to dicuss the possibility of staging more international cricket in Pakistan with the officials of different test playing countries and I am hopeful to get positive response in this regard”, he said.

He lauded the role of ICC for lending hand to Pakistan for the revival of international cricket and praised the role of Giles Carke, Director ICC for his tremendous efforts for supplementing the efforts

of the PCB for resumption of international cricket in the country.