Pakistan to continue support Kashmiris in their self-determination struggl

Pakistan to continue support Kashmiris in their self-determination struggle: President Alvi

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ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi has said that Pakistan will continue its support in their right of self-determination struggle.

President Alvi said this while addressing as a chief guest at the flag hoisting ceremony at Jinnah Convention Center in Islamabad today, in connection with the 73rd Independence Day of Pakistan.

According to state Radio report, the president said we are for Kashmiris and they are for us. “Their plight and affliction affect us.”

Alvi affirmed that the unilateral and illegal steps taken by India to change the disputed status of Kashmir are not accepted by Pakistan.

Dr Arif Alvi said India has not only violated the UN resolutions on Kashmir but also threw the agreement of Shimla to the dustbin. “The Indian act of changing the status quo contravenes the Shimla Agreement.”

He said the presence of 900,000 troops has made Kashmir the highest militarized zone. “Blocking of communication and freedom of expression is a serious violation of human rights of Kashmiris,” the president stated.

President Alvi demanded from India to stop its brutal treatment of Kashmiris, grant communication access to people and restore civic and social liberties of the people of the occupied territory.

“India has also been violating the ceasefire agreements by firing and shelling on civilian populations along Line of Control.”

He said Pakistan is a peace-loving country and wants peace in the region. “It wants to resolve the issue of Kashmir through negotiations and dialogue. However, India should not misunderstand our policy of peace as our weakness,” the president remarked.

“We do not wish war but we will fully defend ourselves if war is imposed on us. The war will not be limited between the countries, rather its impact will be felt in the whole world.” He urged India to be reasonable.

The president also asked the nation to fully utilize social media to expose the heinous crimes committed by India against Kashmiris. He also urged the human rights arm of the United Nations and Organization of Islamic Council to constitute an inquiry commission to probe the human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir.

Appealing youth of the nation to value the country as a blessing, the president said “never forget the sacrifices of our great leaders.” He urged the youth to devote themselves to the development and reconstruction of the country.

Dr. Alvi also paid rich tributes to sacrifices and dedication of armed forces of Pakistan.

Earlier, President Dr. Arif Alvi hoisted the national flag at the ceremony.

The Chairman Senate, the Speaker and members of National Assembly, senior military and civilian officials, diplomats and a large number of people, including students attended the ceremony.

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