Pakistan to host meeting on Afghan peace: Sources

KABUL (TOLO News): Pakistan is expected to host a meeting on the Afghan peace process with the participation of some prominent Afghan politicians, sources said on Thursday.

First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum, Acting Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani, former president Hamid Karzai, the Hizb-e-Islami Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, former Balkh governor Atta Mohammad Noor, the second deputy chief executive Mohammad Mohaqiq and presidential candidate Mohammad Haneef Atmar have been invited to the meeting, the sources said.

However, not all of them have confirmed their participation.

Close aides to Salahuddin Rabbani said he will send his representative to the meeting. But a member of Hizb-e-Islami members confirmed that they will attend the meeting.

Former president Karzai will not attend the meeting, according to some unconfirmed reports.

But Mohammad Natiqi, a close aide to Mohaqiq, said the meeting will be similar to the recent meeting in Moscow.

“Now, Pakistan has started the talks and the Afghan political leaders will attend the Islamabad meeting,” Natiqi said.

“Our team is working to get more details about this meeting and then we decide whether we will attend or not,” said Qadir Shah, a spokesman to Atmar.

“It seems that Pakistan is striving to have its understanding from the [Afghan] government and the politicians. Pakistan’s role is said to be critical in talks with the Taliban and others,” the former governor of Kabul, Ahmadullah Alizai, said.

Addressing an event in Kabul, Abdullah said that sincere cooperation by the regional nations is critical to expedite the peace process.

“It will be poor and short-sighted calculation if someone in the neighborhood thinks that the continuation of the war is in their interests,” said Abdullah.

Taliban’s political in Qatar has said that the group has not been invited at the meeting.