Pakistan urges Myanmar to ensure safety of persecuted Rohingya Muslims

ISLAMABAD (APP): Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed its concerns over reports of the increasing number of deaths and forced displacement of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and urged its government to take action to ensure their safety.

“Such reports, if confirmed, are a source of serious concern and anguish on the eve of Eidul Azha,” the Foreign Office said in a statement released on September 3.

According to a report released by UNHCR, more than 27,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled violence in Myanmar in recent days as corpses of people who drowned in desperate attempts to cross the border river washed up on Bangladeshi soil on Friday.

Massacres, communal violence and the systematic torching of villages by security forces – as well as by militants – have further amplified tensions, raising fears that the situation is spinning out of control.

The foreign ministry has urged authorities in Myanmar to investigate reports of massacre, and hold those involved accountable and take necessary measures to protect the rights of Rohingya Muslims.

In line with its consistent position on protecting the rights of Muslim minorities worldwide, the ministry assured that they will work with the international community in particular the OIC to express solidarity with Rohingya Muslims and to work towards safeguarding their rights.