Pakistan vs India: War is not affordable

Mahwish Khokhar

Pakistan successfully conducted nuclear tests on 28 May 1998 in reply to Indian nuclear tests which developed the fear of nuclear war between two rival countries. Since 1998 clouds of nuclear war loomed over Pakistan and India whenever situation gets sour, however to avoid the looming crises of nuclear war diplomatic doors are always knocked and crises was averted.

Knowing regional importance of both Pakistan and India, they should employee all that is possible to avoid escalation. World has faced too many wars killing thousands of people worldwide; did it help make the world peaceful?

Of course not! The region where Pakistan and India is situated is the most important part of Asia and peace here ensures peace in the whole region. Incidences like Pathankot, Uri, and now Pulwama have made the tense situation more bitter for the two neighboring countries where India as usual has staged yet another failed drama of surgical strike claiming to have killed more than 350 JeM terrorists, where Pakistan invited national and international media to visit the site where India claimed to have killed terrorists and found situation to be exactly opposite of Indian claims; hence proving India false again.

Regional importance of Pakistan and India has attracted investment of billions of dollars from all over the world. Governments of both the countries cannot put billions of dollars of world’s investment to stake by indulging into war with each other. This is another aspect that India is no fool to put their economy in a situation where there will be no coming back; hence this drama was created to win the voters confidence and it utterly went wrong. However, Pakistan has taken friendly countries like Turkey, China, Russia, Iran, and KSA in confidence through diplomatic channels which resulted in direct pressure on India to exercise restraint. It is not the first time India has involved in war mongering with Pakistan before their general elections to win voters support; its high time for Indians to understand this phenomenon. World leaders should play their due role to cool down the tense situation between the two countries because nuclear war will not only destroy Pakistan and India; it will have trickled down effect on neighboring countries and the rest of the world.

There will be too much killing and destruction to be taken care of; so before this happens world should play its neutral role to resolve the situation on diplomatic level because war is not in the favor of the world. Too many wars are fought and never resulted in any positive conclusion because conventional war is never a solution but engaging diplomatic channels is.