Pakistani actress Hira Mani scolds son for not cheating in his online exam

F.P. Report         

KARACHI: We come across a lot of things that we find praiseworthy and a few things that we don’t approve of.

Trying to imply here that the world is made up of all kinds of behaviours and some even manage to shock us as they stand out from the ordinary.

Pakistani actress Hira Mani has a distinctive temperament regarding a lot of things and we believe that the actress approaches everything ‘deeply’.

However her recent stunt has made us wonder whether she is also a bit shallow?

Hira has shared a post with her son Ibrahim on Instagram with a caption that provoked a lot of bewilderment.

She says in the caption that she is very proud of her son for not cheating in his exam.

Even though Ibrahim had the full support of his mother to indulge in the unethical act.

She further emphasises on how she is actually angry at her son for not cheating as it was an online exam.

Hira shared the picture as an appreciation token for her kid for showcasing utter ‘honesty’.

Hira’s cheekiness was taken extremely negatively by social media users.

Some commented over her failed parenting techniques while some thought she is one ‘strange’ individual.

A netizen even inquired if she has gone mad.

Whatever it is that Hira tried to achieve by showcasing such shallowness, we have started to wonder whether the celebrities of the nation are actually letting all the fame get to their heads?