Pakistani American businessman appeals to Chinese officials

Appeal to Excellency Ambassador of China to Pakistan Excellency Ambassador of China to America Police Chief, Tianjin China   My name is Mohammad Khalid Khan. I am Pakistani having business based in America and Pakistan. My American based company, Afpak Consultants LLC recently did a business transaction with Chinese based company in Tianjin namely, Tianjin Huichao International Trading Company Limited. The said Chinese company cheated me for over one hundred thousand US Dollars. I have already registered a police case against the said company in Tianjin, a copy of the police report is below. Excellency, I went to Tianjin China myself in the month of June 2017 and signed a contract with Tianjin Huichao International Trading Company Limited at their office. I then uploaded two containers of copper wire weighing twenty five tons each from the warehouse of the said company. I also transferred the amount of almost one hundred thousand US dollars from my bank in America to the bank account of the above mentioned company at Industrial Bank of Korea (china). The shipment was CIF, which means that the above company, Tianjin Huichao International Trading Company Limited was responsible for shipping the consignment from port of the departure to port of destination, which was Jabal Ali port, UAE. Upon receiving the containers in UAE, it was discovered that my two containers instead of having fifty tons of copper wire had fifteen hundred kg of trash wire. I then again immediately went to Tianjin China in July 2017 and registered my case with the police authorities. After providing the Chinese police with all relevant proofs they have now accepted my case, copy of which is below. It is humbly requested that my financial loss may kindly be recovered at the earliest and restore the confidence of the Pakistani businessmen dealing in China. I fail to understand how such cheaters are allowed to register a company in China, establish an office, establish ware house, open company bank account and hire staff members. Keeping in view the game changer plan, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), it is very important that both Pakistan and China give exemplary punishments to those businessmen who are involved in criminal activities. Cheating international businessmen is a crime which should not be tolerated by governments of both the countries. I humbly request you for help and support. Khalid Khan Chairman Afpak Consultant LLC +13012565138