Pakistani American Press Association’s unique effort for Pakistani students in US

F.P Report

Tyson Corner (Virginia): The Pakistani American Press Association (PAPA), in collaboration with the US State Department, organized a seminar for Pakistani-origin students in the United States to provide guidance on how to work in top US government agencies. It discussed aspects of creating opportunities for Pakistani Americans in the field of US government agencies, especially the State Department and diplomacy, and to get them interested in the field.

In this first-of-its-kind, unique and historic seminar in Washington DC, State Department representatives shared their experiences with Pakistani students and answered their questions. A large number of Pakistani-American students attended and spoke openly with State Department representatives. Students were told to keep during their studies that would help them in the competitive examination in the Foreign Service. And they can get jobs in government agencies.

The Pakistani community and students hailed the effort as a major step towards giving Pakistani-born students access to higher government institutions in the United States. & nbsp; He said that immigrants from all over the world come to the United States, which opens the door to development for those who have the ability and ability to do something. Pakistani-Americans have planted flags of success in business and medicine, but now is the time for Pakistan to be represented in diplomacy as well.

While students of Pakistani descent expressed hope that the US Government, while acknowledging their potential, would work with the Pakistani Press Association and its representatives to facilitate access to government agencies. US State Department representatives Thomas Rosenberger, Deputy Director of the South Asia Desk at the State Department and Ravi Chanddai, who has served as Diplomat in Pakistan and India, briefed the students. Gave useful advice and said that the doors of US government institutions are open for the liberation of Pakistan and deserving youth. There is a need to create interest and opportunities for Pakistani students to step into this field.

Khurram Shehzad, president of the Pakistani American Press Association, and Saqib Ul Islam, information secretary, reiterated their commitment to continue such efforts for students, saying that the new generation of Pakistani-Americans in fields such as medicine, information technology and science and research, is increasing, which is welcome, but the purpose of such events is to increase the representation of young Pakistanis in the Foreign Office and the Foreign Service of United States.
The parents of the students who attended the event praised the State Department and the Pakistani American Press Association for providing guidance to Pakistani-American students, which is appreciated by the entire Pakistani community.