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Pakistani Kinow exports grew to Indonesia by $48 million

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Kinow (citrus fruit) export to Indonesia has increased to 150 percent to $ 48 million in the current year comparing to last year $ 20 million.

Official of commerce ministry told media that the export increased because policies of the government and trade agreement with Indonesia.

During the negotiation, Indonesia agreed to give concession on 20 tariff lines including rice, textile, ethanol, Citrus (Kinow) and mangoes.

Official added that concession on the 20 tariff lines was a major success for Pakistan. And it really boosts the export of the different products including kinow and it will likely to be increase to 10 million tons a year.

Pakistan wanted to initiate talks with the South East Asian nations for signing trade agreement to enhance its multilateral trade and competitiveness, countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Japan in the Pacific region, he added.


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