Pakistani peacekeepers playing important role in accomplishing UN mission

ISLAMABAD (APP): The Pakistani peacekeeping forces were playing an important role in accomplishing the mission of the United Nations.

Ever since Pakistan became a part of the United Nations, Pakistani troops serving peacekeeping missions have rendered services with their bravery and responsibility in almost all the wars of the world.

The world is celebrating the International Day of UN Peacekeepers on Sunday as it is celebrating 75 years of UN peacekeeping forces working for world peace.

Over the past 75 years, United Nations Peacekeepers have saved countless precious lives for global peace and security.

This day commemorates the efforts of the United Nations to maintain peace, eliminate human suffering, establish a situation of lasting peace and order in countries armed with wars and internal conflicts reflects global determination.

Pakistani peacekeeping forces are playing an important role in accomplishing the mission of the United Nations peacekeeping forces with great skill and dedication.

In accordance with the principles of the United Nations, Pakistan, being a responsible country, provides full assistance and full access to peace observers for the fulfillment of their mandate.

During UN peacekeeping missions, 171 Pakistani soldiers, including 27 officers, have sacrificed their precious lives for the restoration of peace at the global level.

Pakistani peacekeepers have played a key role in the efforts to restore peace at the highest level, which will continue in the future.