Pakistani specialties shine at international economic and trade fair in China

F.P. Report

BEIJING: The enchantment of Made-in-Pakistan specialties- including but not limited to wood carving, bronze carving, carpets- firmly holds the gaze of visitors by its unique appearance and deep-rooted cultural foundation at the 32nd China (Harbin) International Economic and Trade Fair (HTF).

Kicked off in Harbin, Heilongjiang, Northeast China on June 15, nearly 300 companies from 38 countries and regions gathered here with new projects, new technologies and new products, showing their glamour at this 5-day fair, China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Monday.

Made-in-Pakistan specialties, especially furniture, carpet, jewelry, cashmere and the like, are internationally popular because of their elegant textures and superior workmanship.

“Pakistan handicrafts products have been very much liked by Chinese people even in Pakistan. Besides, as far as gems and jewelry is concerned, it is evident to all over the world that Pakistan is blessed with precious and semi-precious stones and China is big market of it, which are opportunities that motivated us to start business in China since 2013,” Hasan, head of Pakistan Hassn Impex, who participated in the HTF for the first time, mentioned in an exclusive interview with China Economic Net, “and we have been participating in Harbin Fair since 2014. This year we brought handicrafts like brass and jewelries.”

“Chinese customers came to my booth for these handicraft products, enquiring about its making procedure. Obviously, they appreciated it a lot,” Hasan noted that they are regular participants and will continue the participation next year because of the HTF as a golden opportunity that make increasing Chinese consumers to be fascinated by products from their fraternal country.

Furthermore, his team is planning to bring more Pakistani gemstones next year along with other products. “If possible, we request the organizer to give us booths or customized booths at prominent location, thus we may make more effective display of our goods.”

The 2023 HTF is expected to attract more than 7,000 professional buyers and over 200,000 professional visitors in five days.

It will serve China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative and will help other countries share in the fruits of China’s high-level opening-up.

First held in 1990, the trade fair had seen nearly 3 trillion yuan (about 420 billion US dollars) worth of deals inked over the decades. (INP)