Pakistani student pays university dues after twenty years

F.P Report
Malibu, California: A Pakistani student who wished not to be named paid his university dues after twenty years in order to get his degree and fulfill his desire of continuing education.
According to information the said student who left Pepperdine University in late nineties has recently sent a pay order of almost twenty thousand dollars to payoff the tuition fee which he owed to the university.
While talking to The Frontier Post the said student said that he wants to continue education and set an example for his children that getting education is best path to adopt in life. The said student regretted the fact that Pakistani politicians submit fake degrees in order to get into politics whereas education is something for the betterment of ones own character and society in large.
In his message to The Frontier Post, the student said that there is no age limit for getting education and if one can afford he or she should continue education till the last breath of their life. He further said that if Pakistan wants to succeed it has to enroll for education all the twenty million children who are out of school at the moment.
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