Paktika coal mine start extraction

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PAKTIKA (Agencies): A Coal mine has started extraction in the Sar Hawza district of Paktika, which will provide job employment to a large number of residents of the community.
The coal mine in Paktika Sar Hawza district contracted to a mining company for a period of time, that for its first period the company will extract 10,000 tons of coal from the mine, said Director of Mines and Petroleum of the province, Mawlawi Nazar Gul Sayad said.
He said the company will extract these 10,000 tons of coal and they will pay a tax of 3,000 Afghanis per ton to the government.
Residents at the Sar Hawza district of Paktika were being exploited by the mine they said they will be provided with job employment with the start of the mine extraction.
Earlier, the Ministry of Mines and petroleum of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been conducted a survey across the country to identify and put to use the country’s mines.

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