Palestine Question and Jew Settlers’ Colonialism

Muhammad Asad

Recently, newly elected far-right Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that his government would legalize 10 unauthorized West Bank settlements to boost settlers’ morale, strengthen their hold on the area and consolidate illegal occupation of the Jewish state over the Arab land.

Over the past few decades, the Jewish state helped facilitated the construction of over 250 illegal settlements in a very well-planned manner at strategically chosen locations in the west bank that Jewish communities bifurcate the Palestinian land in a way that the dream of a free and sovereign Palestinian state could be stalled forever. According to the reports, more than 700,000 Israeli Jews are currently residing in illegal outposts in West Bank and Jerusalem, while the Israeli government was planning to relocate thousands of others to the disputed territory from within Israel and several other countries in the world.

Israel captured the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem during the Arab-Israel war of 1967 and shortly started the construction Jews settlements in a bid to consolidate its control and bring a demographic change to the area to ultimately assimilate the occupied regions into Israel’s mainland or at least to create a buffer zone around its territory to engage Palestinians’ resistance movement without risking its growth and security.

As the illegal settlements in the occupied territory are on the rise, poor Palestinians routinely faced home and property demolitions at the hands of occupying forces over mere charges of their involvement in violence against Israeli troops despite the fact Israeli regime has blocked construction permits for Palestinians for many years.

Brutal settlers’ colonialism is the worst crime that commonly attracts an uproar against the Jewish occupier regime at the United Nations and its executive arm UN Security Council, however, Israel’s western allies particularly the United States actively neutralize anti-Israel moves at the UN by using veto power and tactful manipulation of UN’s legal and procedural frameworks in the defense of world’s foremost illegal state in the universe. Over the years, Israeli leaders repeatedly promised the global community to dismantle the rogue outposts, however, Israel temporarily evacuated only two settlements while constructing multiple others in the West Bank in the past year.

The tension in occupied territory witnessed a sharp upsurge after the far-right Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu gained power after the recent election because Netanyahu-led far-right coalition intends to implement Tel Aviv long awaiting projects regarding Jews relocation and settlements over Arab land. According to the Media, sixty-three Palestinian including armed freedom fighters and innocent civilians were killed in 2023 so far.

After the recent attack on the Nave Yaakov Settlement in recent past, the Israeli government has ramped up its inhumane atrocities against Palestinians and enforced several punitive measures which include the demolition of homes and properties, suspension of home construction permits for Palestinians, movement restriction, punishment on illegal construction, collective punishment to the heirs of Palestinian freedom fighters involved in attacks against Israelis.

In addition to that, the Israeli government has tabled a law in the Knesset (Israel’s unicameral Parliament) to revoke the citizenship or permanent residency of those involved in acts of terrorism against Israeli interests or its citizens.

Historically, the Palestine issue is one of the longstanding unsolve disputes on the agenda of the UN Security Council (UNSC) over the past seven and a half decades. Multiple resolutions had been adopted by the UNSC, and the UN General Assembly to address the issue or matters relating to or that emerged as a result of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory, however, the two-state solution remained the most popular and widely recognized formula which provides a solid and equally beneficial solution for both competitors.

Historically, the two-state solution was first surfaced by the global body through a resolution in 1974, while putting forward the idea of two independent states Palestine and Israel side by side with secure and recognized borders of the pre-1967 position along with a permanent resolution of the refugee problem, the scheme categorically called for the East Jerusalem to be the capital of Palestine.

As the two-state solution offers a viable solution to the Palestine issue, thus it rapidly received global acknowledgment while Palestinian leadership and Arab leaders backed this formula during the Arab Summit in Fez in 1982.

As a matter of fact, Israel has always opposed the two-state theory and perceived it as a unilateral attempt of the Palestinian leadership to get global recognition for the Palestinian state. Israel did not agree to an UN-sponsored two-state solution to the Palestine dispute and conceived a plan of demographic change to stall the formation of a free and independent Muslim state in its backyard.

Recently, during his speech to the 77th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, the former Israeli Prime Minister, Yair Lapid admitted the two-state solution as a workable plan, but the incumbent hardcore Israeli Prime Minister is a staunch opponent of the two-state solution so far.

Nearly half a century, after the proposal was put forth by the UN Security Council and backed by the Arabs, the Jewish state has significantly altered the Arabs- Jew population ratio in the occupied Palestinian territories through its ongoing Settlers’ Colonialism in the past decades.

As Israeli leaders have completed their homework to fail the global plan regarding the Palestine dispute, the Arab leaders must have their appreciation of the latest situation in the region. Currently, Israeli has forged diplomatic, trade, and economic ties with a majority of Arab nations, and Tel Aviv is rapidly integrating itself into the broader Middle East region.

In fact, Israeli leaders are using Mutt and Jeff technique to further divide and disintegrate Arabs over the Palestinian cause and permanently draw out the issue from the global forum by using the two-state solution in the shape of a more fragile, geographically scattered, and economically weak Palestinian authority that entirely depends on Israel for its survival.

The Israeli plan is not vague, but the Arabs are not aware of the true designs of their friend-like foes. A US shuttle diplomacy is continuously evolving in the Middle East region to settle down the Palestine issue on the basis of the UN-sponsored two-state solution but it would be accoridng to the needs and desires of Israel.