Panic is not the solution

Panic is not the solution of the Coronavirus

Ayesha Ilyas

Ups and downs use to come in everyone’s life. If there is prosperity in our life then there will be problems too because time never remains the same. However, often people get panic when it comes to problems, which lead them to make the wrong decisions because in time of panic, the human being loses their ability of understanding and thinking, and their mind stops functioning. In such a situation how can a person make the right decisions? There are many examples of people who, in panic, made a great loss to themselves.

Last year a heavy rainfall occurred in Karachi a day before Eidul Azha. Three young friends went outside from their home for the arrangements of eid. But, rain caused current in the poll and a friend got current because of touching it. His friends panicked and caught to save him, due to which they also got current and thus the three friends lost their lives due to panic. Similarly, on 24th of September 2019, an earthquake took place in Kashmir because of which, my father’s friend got panic and jumped out from the terrace. Sadly, now he is in a wheelchair, therefore, if he had handled the situation smartly at that time, he would have stand on his feet today. There are many more such incidents. In fact, panic never resolves the problem while it make the problem worse.

As we all know, the whole world has been infected with Corona virus and many people have died due to it. People have a terrible fear of the Corona virus in their hearts and due to this fear they are doing panic. Last week I went to a grocery store and there seemed to be such a situation as if grocery store is getting close for lifetime. Everyone was literally pushing to each other, everyone’s trolley was completely full of stuff, people were in a great panic. Corona virus is basically a punishment from Allah because nowadays the fear of God has gone out of people. Through Corona virus God is showing his power to arouse this fear and so people can come back to the right path. Well, even in such a situation as well people are just thinking about themselves their selfishness has not ended yet.

People are busy in storing their stuff but how much will they store and how long. In fact, it is not the time to store the stuff but to collect good deeds and help others.

Those needy people who cannot fulfill their needs and cannot get their treatment, we should help them according to our strength. By the way, we should always help others, but at this difficult time, we should do as much as we can for others.

Being a Muslim it is our belief that one day death will come and then we will be asked questions about what we have done in our life.

Basically that will be our result day, and we are here in this world for our test. Just like in schools and colleges we have tests and those who prepare well, their exams goes good. Then they even have no tension for the result. That is why we should perform good deeds so whenever and however our death occurs we would not have any fear to appear in front of Allah. In fact, we are very close to the day of judgement because many signs of it have been fulfilled. For example, children are being disobedient to parents. Singers are becoming popular and people are even following them. The use of alcohol and intoxicants has also became common. Other than this, while telling about the signs of the day of judgement, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, an epidemic disease will spread among you as (Taoon) Pestilence spread among the goats. (Taoon) Pestilence is a disease that spread because of mice and used to get transfer from one into another, Corona virus is exactly of this type. Means even this sign of the resurrection as stated by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is also fulfilled. People should really open their eyes because this Corona virus is nothing in front of the doom of hell.

Marriage halls and lawns are banned, schools are closed, curfew is imposed and there are so many safety precautions of Corona virus coming in net that again and again wash your hand use sanitizers, avoid from going out from your house and ect.

These are all fine we should take them seriously, but to be honest these are just temporary solutions. But people are thinking as if these are permanent solutions and this is why they are doing severe  panic which has caused the shortage of things especially soaps and hand sanitizers in the markets. The panic of people has led to a very worse situation.

But the fact is, we don’t have to get worried and panic about the Corona virus because death does not come from illness but in its own time. Here we are panicking, collecting stuff, wearing masks, washing our hands but, who knows, maybe we die from a car accident. We are not even aware of what will happen with us in a second. We should seek more and more repentance from Allah, please God who is angry with us because if Allah is pleased with us then nothing even Corona can also not harm us. So, this is the permanent solution of Corona virus.

Infact, this repentance will also save us from the painful doom of the resurrection where we cannot even take any temporary safety precaution aswell. It’s my appeal to everyone that stop panicking and please Allah as soon as possible. Before it is too late!!

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