Paris rejects Taliban Govt.

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PARIS (RIA Novosti): The Taliban movement, which announced the composition of the interim government of Afghanistan, does not fulfill the requirements previously put forward by the world community, said a spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry .

“The demands of the international community, which France has repeatedly reminded of, are very clear: safe and unhindered departure of people wishing to leave Afghanistan, free access to humanitarian aid, renunciation of all ties with terrorist organizations, respect for human rights, and in particular the rights of women, and the creation of of the transitional government within the framework of negotiations in Doha. We cannot state that these requirements are being fulfilled.

No action follows words, “the French Foreign Ministry spokes-man said on Wednesday, answering the question of how the composition of the new government announ-ced by the Taliban is asse-ssed in Paris, and the possibilities dialogue with him.

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