‘Part of a general information campaign’

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The Library of the House of Commons of the British Parliament has published a report that repeats the thesis of a possible Russian “invasion” of Ukraine. The drafters of the document mentioned a number of “punitive measures”, such as tougher economic sanctions, increased NATO presence in the region and the provision of additional military assistance to Ukraine. Experts interviewed by RT note that the UK and the US are actively preparing public opinion for a possible future provocation. Analysts do not rule out that the document is part of a general information campaign to discredit Russia and spread baseless accusations.
The library of the House of Commons of Great Britain published a report on “the aggravation of the situation on the border between Russia and Ukraine.” The document repeats the thesis of “building up the Russian military presence.”
The authors of the report cite assessments according to which Russia is allegedly preparing for an “invasion” into the territory of Ukraine.
“According to a recent assessment of US intelligence, Russia was gathering a force of up to 175,000 troops to prepare for an invasion in early 2022,” British analysts cite the data.
Russia, in turn, has repeatedly rejected suggestions about planning an “invasion” – Moscow points out the provocative nature of NATO’s actions, the report of the lower house of the British Parliament says.
“Russia is seeking more long-term security guarantees from the alliance: (obligations. – RT ) that NATO membership will not be granted to Ukraine and that NATO military infrastructure will not be deployed in this country. According to the Kremlin, these are “red lines” for Russia’s national security.
Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that the deployment of strike weapons and military bases by NATO countries in Ukraine is unacceptable for Russia. “Even if Ukraine remains outside NATO, there are possible bilateral agreements with the Americans, the British, and other Western countries that create military facilities and bases on the Sea of Azov there. This is also unacceptable for us, because the deployment of strike weapons on the territory of our neighbors, in this case Ukraine, which will pose a threat to the Russian Federation, is another red line, ”Lavrov added. At the same time, Moscow is currently expecting written responses from the United States and NATO to proposals in the field of security.
Recall that on December 17, the Russian Foreign Ministry presented draft treaties with the United States and agreements with NATO on security.
Russia outlined its initiatives on security guarantees both at the January 10 talks with the United States in Geneva and on January 12 within the framework of the Russia-NATO Council.
“Part of a general information campaign”
However, the authors of the report expressed doubt that Russia is seeking to resolve the situation in Ukraine, and not to create a “frozen conflict with periodic episodes of demonstrations of military power” there. “Russia will support the breakaway regions, thus weakening the authorities in Kiev and gaining a powerful tool to influence the actions of Ukraine, including any of its future attempts to formalize its relations with the EU and NATO,” the authors of the report say.
Such statements can be perceived as part of an information campaign to discredit Russia by the United States, Great Britain and a number of their allies, Vladimir Shapovalov, deputy director of the Institute of History and Politics at Moscow State Pedagogical University, notes in an interview with RT. “London and Washington are particularly active in disseminating unjustified accusations against Russia, allegedly having aggressive plans on the part of Russia. In fact, the facts are exactly the opposite. Great Britain, together with the United States, is currently an aggressor country, carrying out and carrying out a number of aggressive actions, ”he stressed.
The expert recalled the incident with the British destroyer Defender, which in June 2021, without responding to warnings, crossed the border of the Russian Federation and entered the territorial waters near Cape Fiolent.
Nikita Danyuk, deputy director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, believes that now “Ukraine is being pumped with military equipment, as well as specialists, Western instructors.”
“The accusation of Russia is just a pretext, the necessary information background in order to continue the military development of this country. This is unacceptable for our state. We have repeatedly said that we perceive the military development of Ukraine as a red line, ”the analyst said.
“Public opinion is being prepared”
The House of Commons Library report also said that Western countries are discussing a range of possible “punitive measures” in the event of a Russian “invasion” of Ukraine.
Initiatives under discussion include further economic sanctions, including shutting down Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.
“It is believed that the new German coalition government, led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz and including the Greens, is less supportive of the pipeline (Nord Stream 2. – RT ) than the predecessor (Scholz. – RT ) Angela Merkel; Shutdown of the pipeline is reportedly being considered as part of a broader package of sanctions,” the text of the document reads.
At the same time, Russia has repeatedly pointed out that the project is purely economic. So, after negotiations with German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock on January 18, Sergey Lavrov stressed that Moscow drew the attention of German colleagues to the counterproductiveness of attempts to politicize Nord Stream 2.
In addition, the report notes that in the event of “military aggression”, the issue of strengthening the “Forward NATO Presence” and providing Ukraine with “additional defensive capabilities” is being considered. “According to media reports, additional means may include air defense systems, helicopters, Javelin anti-tank missiles and mortars,” the authors of the document say.
Political scientist, economist Alexander Dudchak, in a conversation with RT, suggested that the United States and Great Britain are actively preparing public opinion for a possible future provocation from Ukraine.
“There is an impression that a provocation is really being prepared, and then these response actions will be presented: “Well, we said, this is Russia’s aggression.” No one will say that an order was given from Kiev or Washington to attack the Donbass. They themselves shout about it and are engaged in informational preparation for the resumption of hostilities, ”the expert noted.
According to Dudchak, Ukraine has assembled a powerful strike force on the borders with the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass, so “anything can be expected from Kiev.”

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