Parwan residents plant trees, hope for greener environment

PARWAN (TOLOnews): Some Parwan residents have started planting trees at their own expense, saying they hope to promote a culture focused on the natural environment.
These residents said that thousands of saplings are planted every year in different parts of the province, but due to lack of attention, many of them dry up.
“We do our duty and also encourage people and tell them it is the season for seedlings and to start making the environment green,” said Abdul Wadod Wahidi, Parwan resident.
“If every person plants a tree we will have a green environment,” said Fardin, a Parwan resident.
Meanwhile, some residents of Parwan complained about the lack of attention to these trees.
“We planted trees, but nobody pays attention to watering these trees and they dry up,” said Ahmad Fawad, a Parwan resident.
Meanwhile, local officials in Parwan announced the planting of thousands of saplings soon in the province. “We will start our campaign in 15 days, and we thank the people of Parwan for starting the planting process,” said Hafizullah Mansour, head of the environment dept in Parwan.
Every year the government and citizens plan to plant trees in most parts of the country, but the protection and care for the seedlings is a challenge that needs to be addressed, say concerned residents.