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PESHAWAR: A thoughtful Pashto poetry book “Bali Devee” has been published which is a good addition to Pashto literature. The author Hameed ur Rehman Nadan is a school teacher by profession but he is a sensitive poet as well. Besides, he also has authored two others books of Pashto poetry.

The recently published book is consist of one hundred poems, ghazals and stanza and has 159 pages. The preface has written by renowned Pashto poet and intellectual Saleem Raaz.

Mr Raaz has described the book very well. He narrates that the poetry of Mr Nadan is very nice and interesting and covers almost all the salient features of the Pakhtun society.

According to Mr Raaz, the peotry presents the real picture of the different problems and difficulties of the Pakhtuns.The book also discuss through the poetry of the different aspects of the Pakhtun society which have created many problems for the folk. In his poetry, Mr Nadan has also criticized those poets who are silent over the miseries of the Pakhtuns and don’t play their role in reformatting the society.

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