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Patrushev met with CIA Director Burns

Written by The Frontier Post

MOSCOW (TASS): Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev held a meeting in Moscow with the director of the US Central Intelligence Agency William Burns, the press service of the Russian Security Council reported on Tuesday.

“The parties discussed Russian-American relations,” the message says.

This is the first meeting between Patrushev and Burns at the head of the CIA. They previously contacted in 2013, during the visit of the Secretary of the Russian Security Council to the United States. Burns then held the post of acting. Secretary of State.

At the same time, Patrushev regularly maintains contacts with the Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security, Jake Sullivan. This year, they held six phone calls as well as one face-to-face meeting.

Burns served as the US Ambassador to Russia from 2005-2008. In March of this year, he was confirmed as director of the CIA, becoming the first career diplomat to hold that position in United States history.

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