PDM and it’s procession

Acting President of Awami National Party (ANP) announced to leave the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), an eleven parties alliance formed to overthrow the Prime Minister Imran Khan from the premiership of the country. Hoti was responding to the show-cause notice issued by PDM’s Leadership while sorting explanation from ANP for voting in favor of PPP’s Gilani during the recently held Senate polls.

Hoti announced to leave all the offices of the PDM and said that ANP cannot facilitate the personal agendas of anyone. While displaying his anger on PDM authoritarian behavior he said only ANP president Asfandyar Wali was entitled to serve show cause notice on the ANP or its members and no one other has authority to do so.

He claimed that the issue of voting in favor of Gilani was solved when opposition leaders Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and others came to his home and they were briefed about the actions in the senate polls. He accused PDM leadership for considering ANP and PPP as obstacles in their way as few parties wish to take the lead in all decision making in their own interest, and ANP feels as if they have been “pushed against the wall”.

PDM an eleven parties anti Imran alliance was formed on one point agenda to overthrow the PTI’s government or at least to de-seat the Prime Minister Imran Khan from the office of Prime Minister through their coordinated and collective efforts but after several months of it’s existence the PDM drowned due to its members individual agendas. All members partie pursued their individual agendas and tried to make others scapegoat for it. In fact, everyone has to contribute according to its size and weight for a collective cause and ultimately the big parties have to pay bigger sacrifice because consiquencely they would gain more in .

PDM has completely scratched in to pieces and presently no single party is in a position to exert any kind of pressure on the government, otherwise, opposition can use this collective platform against the government both inside and out of the parliament. However, the opposition has lost the opportunity and provided free space to the government to act as it wishes. Now, opposition should save it’s energies for general Elections 2023 and prepare itself for that.