PDM, PTI equally responsible for crisis, says Siraj

F.P. Report

BUNER: The Jamaat e Islami central chief Sirajul Haq has held both PDM and PTI leadership equally responsible for crisis in Pakistan and branded Jamaat is the sole to get rid country out of these crisis He was addressing Buner Jirga and post media briefing at Green Shadi Hall in Salarzai on Saturday.

The party KP chief Professor Mohammad Ibrahim Khan, district chief M. Halem Bacha and general secretary Aalam Khan addressed. The Buner Jirga was convened by district chapter of the Jamaat which was attended by about 150 key figures of the party from all over Buner district.

The aim of the Jirga was to let opinion leaders share their input for promotion of the party so as to able gaining high vote bank for making sure victory during upcoming general election solely. The participants delivered short speeches and suggested how unity would form and party to promote and make strongest enough to contest coming elections from own platform without entering into an electoral alliance.

The party chief was hard on PTI and PDM leadership for taking advantage of FATF expected decision of clearing Pakistan from grey list. Sirajul Haq argued the PDM and PTI race for flattery of IMF was sufficient ground that both of them were pushing the country at verge to collapse and push the poor to poorest for own interests.

Sirajul Haq claimed his decision of not joining the PDM and PTI was just to remain with masses and fight for their right as a true opposition party within and out of parliament. Sirajul Haq repeated the PTI and PDM were responsible for all evils and worst crisis in Pakistan. He held both of them responsible for inflation,hike,poverty and unemployment besides raise in corruption and nepotism.

Siraj was adamant to repeat the Jamaat was capable to get country out of these crisis and push country economic development,stability,prosperity. Sirajul Haq was sure that Islamic sytem of free interests economy would help bost national economy and Jamaat vision of shedding expenses and end to VIP culture and introducing Zakat and Ushar collection and alam system would help improve economy so as to form a welfare state of Islamic system.

Sirajul Haq asked party workers to forfe unity among ranks and also drage own family and near dear in the Jammat and then develop close contacts with locals and convince them for puting their inputs into jamaat branded welfare Islamic state in future through parliamentary democratic system of costing vote in favour of Jamaat e Islami,he concluded with reply to query fron media persons.