Peace agreement between US and Taliban ‘finalized’: Abdullah

KABUL (TOLO News): Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah at the Council of Ministers on Monday said that the peace agreement between the Taliban and US has been “finalized.”

“The agreement between the Taliban and US has been finalized and the signing of the agreement is based on the reduction in violence over seven-days and then it will continue,” Abdullah said.

“It also an opportunity for the opposite side to show that they want peace in the country,” Abdullah said.

The US Special Representative for Afghanistan’s Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, tweeted updates about progress in the peace process, noting the reduction in violence agreement between the US and Taliban, but stressed that “success cannot be guaranteed.”

Khalilzad reported on Twitter that he had met with President Ashraf Ghani in Munich on Friday and held a series of meetings with leaders and representatives from different countries.

Khalilzad also mentioned a “prolonged and fruitful” trip to Doha before attending the Munich Security Conference.

During a meeting with President Ghani, Khalilzad said the two “spoke about the opportunity of this reduction in violence and the imperative of preparing for an inclusive Afghan peace process.”

“We urge all Afghans to seize the moment and end the misery of more than four decades of war,” Khalilzad said.

Khalilzad said he briefed leaders at the Munich Security Conference about the peace process and “also discussed next steps and committed to working together on the difficult and complicated road ahead.”

Abdullah meanwhile called on the Afghan forces to demonstrate their will for the implementation of a reduction in violence, about which the US and the Taliban have agreed in principle.

And the Taliban also, he said, should use this opportunity to show their willingness to implement a reduction in violence.

“The implantation and proof of our will for peace is so important when it comes to working on the details of a reduction in violence,” Abdullah said.

But some security force members interviewed by TOLOnews said they do not have any details about a reduction in violence, so far.

“Whenever our elders order, as always, we are ready to stay firm in our duty. We have given sacrifices in this way and we will succeed,” said Raz Mohammad, a policeman in Kandahar.

Analysts said the Afghan government does not have a specific plan for a reduction in violence and that it does not have a clear, practical definition for Afghan security force members.

“An Afghan soldier should know that what his duty is, and if he sees a Taliban should he open fire on him or should he welcome him?” said Zahir Azimi, a military analyst.

“Our elders should sit and talk with Americans about the reduction in violence term and they should get a clear definition,” said Zalmay Zabuli, an Afghan Senator.

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