Peace endeavors

Prime Minister’s policy of fighting swords with flowers is gradually paying dividends despite the Indian leadership tactics of war mongering and escalating tension between the two nuclear armed neighbours. The delegations of both countries met at the Attari complex close to Wagha border on Thursday and discussed matters pertaining to the alignment and other details of Kartarpur Corridor. Pakistan and India agreed to expedite the construction work of the corridor and make it operational before the 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji, who is believed by Sikhs to be the founder of their religion.

After the meeting, head of Pakistan’s delegation Dr. Muhammad Faisal of Foreign office described the talks positive. He said that it was for the first time after 2016 that Pakistan and India had issued a joint statement on any matter and expressed optimism that both countries would move forward on other outstanding issues. Next meeting between the delegations of two countries is scheduled on April 2.

In sharp contrast to the docile, self serving and sycophant leadership that ruled the country by playing second fiddle role versus India over the past 10 years and used to accept the Indian accusations regarding incidents of terror, the new leadership in Pakistan is intelligent and straight talkers. Laying the foundation stone of the much awaited Kartarpur corridor on November 29 last year was a rare masterstroke of professional and public diplomacy by the Prime Minister.  It is pertinent to mention that former President Asif Zardari blamed the 26/11 Mumbai attacks on Pakistani non-state actors at time when foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi was in New Delhi for holding composite dialogue with his Indian counterpart. Later, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif directed authorities to lodge and FIR of Pattankot Airbase attack against unknown terrorist in a police station in Gugranwala. Both these incidents were false flag operations.

In the aftermath of recent Pulwama suicide attack Prime Minister Imran Khan asked India to provide actionable evidence on the basis of which Pakistan can extend its assistance. In a subsequent incident of shooting down India’s fighter aircraft in air combat the arrested pilot Squadron Leader Abinandan was returned with simultaneous proactive diplomacy in the capitals ofworld powers including the United States which culminated in de-escalation and easing tension on borders although violation on the line of control still continues. A famous proverb goes, “A great fortune in the hands of fools is a great misfortune.”The saying vividly reflects the mindset of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Moidi who is not reciprocating the peace endeavors of Pakistan’s present leadership. Hopefully, sanity will return after the completion of process of general election for the lower house in India and the new government will resume the suspended composite dialogue.