Pensioners to set their

Pensioners to set their own solitary flight after govt threw them away in the Sea

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAB:   The government has ignored the pensioners at the time of salary increase of government employees two weeks ago, although pensioners participated in the protests for increase in pension at that time. It was observed by the Central Executive Committee of All Pakistan Pensioners Association (APPA), in a news conference in Islamabad today.

Zoon into: – The pensioners all across the country had formed a single platform to raise their voice at national level titled “All Pakistan Pensioners Association (APPA)” and now start sailing their sole boat against the tsunami of PTI led Government.

The Big Move: – According to details, the pensioners of all government departments, federal and provincial had gathered on a single platform of All Pakistan Pensioners Association (APPA) more than a week ago. The executive body of the APPA is consisting of President Syed Hafeez Sabzwari with members executive committee Syed Qaim Abbas Shah, Professor Qasim Masood, Major (Retd) Naeem-ud-din, Rana Ishfaq Ahmed, Rana Muhammad Aslam and Muhammad Tauqeer, all had served in various government departments and spent golden time of their lives while serving the country and building the nation. The APPA has initiated the country wide campaign to gather the departmental associations of pensioners at its single platform to achieve their due rights from the government.

As per APPA, they were also joined by former veterans of Pakistan Army, PAF and Pakistan Navy in their struggle for just rights to get their old age livelihood. They leadership of pensioners said that the government had completely ignored them during recent increase in monthly salary of government employees by 25% two weeks back. They noted that pensioners were a part of the protest demonstrated by the government employees at Capital in the recent weeks. They said that like other segments of the society, pensioners had suffered a lot from increased inflation in the country. Now, Pensioners took initiative to gain their rights from the government, which government had eaten up so far.

The Case: – The pensioners projected said that government considers the pensioners has Barden at its treasury, which is totally false narrative. While reminding the government about the facts, they said that retired government employees had contributed throughout their service in Benevolent fund, group insurance, GP fund and other government’s initiatives as applicable.   They observed that government has not only used the billions of rupees from their contributed fund rather refusing to payback their money in term of their monthly pension. They clarified that pensioners are not burden on government’s exchequer, but it runs on their contributions.

Demands: – All Pakistan Pensioners Association (APPA) demanded that government must announced 25% increase in monthly pension of retired government employees.

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