Pentagon after revision declared “war” on two fronts

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Mikhail Sheinkman
The option “what if tomorrow is war” is most likely not even considered. For “double containment” they will pay the taxpayers at a double tariff.
The Pentagon proved that they are like one artist of large and small theaters, whose last name is too famous to be called. The US Department of Defense is also capable of such a sweeping twine that it will get everyone. One leg is here and the other is there. All you need is that there is more: more cheese and more cutlets. And more money and more weapons. Because the Defense Depa-rtment insists on a “double containment” policy.
First, to intensify the tough confrontation with Russia. As they said, “this will enable NATO forces to act more effectively against possible Russian aggression.” And this means that The Wall Street Journal may not pay a fee to the whistleblower who leaked information about the seemingly existing option “to reduce the risk of confrontation with Moscow by reducing US exercises in Europe.” Second, we need to tackle China more tightly. First of all, through the expansion of the military infrastructure in Australia. In addition to eight nuclear submarines “made in USA”, this is also the basing of combat aviation on a rotational basis – bombers, fighters.
This is to the question of how much you can trust the current owner of the White House, who just a couple of weeks ago, with a blue eye, assured Xi Jinping that the AUKUS bloc was not even directed against the Celestial Empire. However, he might not have known everything at that moment. The Pentagon just the day before presented some of the results of the audit of the global deployment of the United States Army. This was almost the first case that Joe Biden assigned to Defense Minister Lloyd Austin. Since March, his people have been assessing the feasibility and effectiveness of the American military presence spread across the planet for its possible redistribution.
It is not a fact that they advised the president to “redistribute” in this way from Afghanistan. Perhaps they came to the Russian-Chinese conclusions without leaving the cabinet. Everything is very obvious. As an answer to which the conditions had to be adjusted. This is what they have been doing all this time – they drove them to Moscow and Beijing, justifying their boorish provocation by the interests of national security. In this case, the option “what if tomorrow is war”, most likely, is not even considered yet. For “double containment” they will pay off their taxpayers at a double tariff.
And they will pay – they are not told that the United States has no chance in this confrontation. They will, of course, try to drive a wedge between Russia and the PRC. But it’s good if we, as Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe said, are one mountain and we have even more relations than allies. Rivalry, however, is also possible between us. Tugging on the twine, for example. But the Americans are unlikely to like that they are half-and-half for us.

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