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Pentagon: US works to keep its forces in Iraq, Syria to help fight Daesh

Written by The Frontier Post

DUBAI (Arabnews): The US is working to keep its forces in Iraq and Syria to help fight Daesh, Al-Arabiya TV reported on Friday citing the Pentagon.

It further said that it will keep tens of thousands of soldiers in military bases in the Middle East.

On Iran, the Pentagon said there was no military solution to the problems of Iranian threats and its militia.

The country’s US Senator James Risch also called on President Joe Biden’s administration to deal with Iran’s destabilization of the Middle East.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd J Austin, was scheduled to deliver a speech in Manama to discuss the country’s security policy in the region.

Earlier, US security officials said that in October Iran had targeted a US base in Syria with a drone.

They added that Iran’s targeting of the base was in response to an Israeli raid in Syria.

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